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After Two Wars, Mother & Son Get New Start in Canada


In Canada, here with my son, I feel safe. It is impossible to sail here in tanks. 

My name is Svetlana, I flew to Canada with my son. Most of all, I remember not the situation, but my fears and experiences… I knew that I must start the path – the path of flight from war. I had to save our lives. I had to secure a future for my son. You don’t know when, how and where to go with your child. 


This is the second war for our family. The first war found us in Donetsk, my son was born there, and the second war was in Odessa. After the first war, we moved for several years to different cities of Ukraine, and a year before the second war we moved to Odessa, and the day before the second war we bought a house in Odessa. I owned a home. My husband and my father stayed in Ukraine. It was difficult, but I knew I must leave for my son. The war showed that the most important thing in life is close, dear people, health, safety and the fulfillment of your dreams, when you put something off, thinking that it’s not time yet and miss your chance with the advent of war.



I was met with huge support along the way. A wonderful Polish family helped us in Poland, they received us and surrounded us with kindness and care. When we arrived in Canada, a wonderful Canadian family was waiting for us, thanks to whom we got a chance to start a new life. Canadians with Jewish roots helped me furnish the apartment that I rented, Russians who have lived here for many years also helped me in Canada. 


In Canada, the hardest thing is holding on, surviving, especially at first. Many Ukrainians have no knowledge of English, no Canadian work experience, no relatives and friends here, no Canadian education, no credit history but Canada is a wonderful country and it gives me confidence in life. I hope for my son to continue his life in Canada. 


To people who read my story, I want to say get ready for the fact that it will be very difficult for you, especially for single mothers. But this will not always be the case. You have to believe, set goals and act, otherwise nothing will work out.

After three years and even 20 years, I see my life in Canada, I feel at home. 


A wise man once said: “Home is not where you were born, but where you stopped trying to escape.”




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