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Innovation Hub, Think Tank and Ideas Incubator for Social Impact

We aim to open up public spaces for conversations and discussions around topical issues and to explore connections between events of global significance that ripple into our own local corners and everyday lives. 
We fervently believe that we have the power to shape our world for the better and invite you to join the conversations that will be taking place via our website, video broadcasts, publications and live events. Topics that will be covered include misinformation and propaganda, democratizing our world, using technology for good, refugees and homelessness to name a few.

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Our webinars for Ukrainian newcomers and refugees help facilitate a smoother settling in process. We cover a number of topics, such as finding employment, immigration, ESL, education and more. Our volunteers are available around the clock to answer questions virtually for newcomers. These webinars will be expanded to broader issues as we continue to grow.


Because many of our volunteers have strong ties to Ukraine, we can offer media, information and insights that are not widely covered in Canadian media. Our videos will focus on topics related to the war in Ukraine, common misperceptions and propaganda that inhibits progress, and other global perspectives that can prove pivotal in creating change.


We are a wellspring for great ideas, small and large, that can create systemic change. A Better Future for All engages the community to help you design, test and promote your projects. Have an innovative idea but do not know where to start? Submit your ideas for community's review and collaboration.


Through roundtables, panel discussions and publications, we spark transformational conversations and build partnerships in the community that drive change and progress for all. A Better Future for All brings together technology, in-kind donations, community, academia, government resources and people to bridge the gulf between the “haves” and “have-nots.”

Upcoming Discussions

How War in Ukraine Affected Canadians?
Do you think war in Ukraine is far and doesn’t really affect Canadians? Think again! Or better listed to Canadians sharing their stories.
Fake News & Propaganda Literacy
The concept of “media literacy” has been around for decades, but “news literacy” is a new field that is growing as the perimeters around the old definitions of journalism are being destroyed.
Bleak Future When Dictators Seek Collaboration
It was recently in the news that Iran seeks Russia’s help to suppress protests. So if dictators seek collaboration, shouldn’t the people living under dictatorships do the same? Should we all get worried about our future?

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