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The Giving App

We all have something to Give! Unlocking the Giving Potential in All of Us

Some problems are too big for one person to solve. That’s where community comes in.

Crowdsource Your Problems! Let Community Help You

licas and alisa

App Users

Who Will Benefit The Most

  • Homeless

  • People in a Financial or Medical Crisis

  • Victims of Fraud, Abuse or Violence

  • People that can’t afford or don’t know how to get professional help (Legal, Medical, Financial etc)

  • Refugees, newcomers & people that don’t speak good English and/or don’t have good computer skills


user verifications

We are looking into 2 types of user verifications: manual & automated. Manual will work like a human chain of trusted users and automated will be driven by technology

enhanced security

We are paying especial attention to data privacy and security to make sure people feel safe using our app


Map is central feature to the app. Both groups of people, those needing specific help and those that could offer specific help, will be using map to find relevant connections nearby

matching algorithm

Users will be matched based on their proximity, preferences set in their profiles etc,

The app is in development. We are looking for volunteers with technical background to help us complete the work.