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“POSIDEN’KI” Social Club For Ukrainian Ladies 60+

GOAL : 5,000 $

RAISED : 0 $

The challenges of loneliness and social isolation are profound for Ukrainian newcomers 60+ who arrived in Canada due to the war in Ukraine. The difficulties are magnified as they navigate a new country where they may not know many people, face language barriers, and find themselves alone when younger family members are at school or at work.

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Support for People in Crisis

GOAL : 15000 $

RAISED : 5 $

(In Development!) The number of people in crisis can fluctuate based on societal pressures like cost of living, housing or food insecurity.

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Toronto Without Homeless

GOAL : 12000 $

RAISED : 20 $

(In Development!) Homelessness is a complex, urgent and growing issue in Toronto. On any given day over 8,500 people in Toronto are experiencing homelessness.

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Support for Newcomers from Ukraine

GOAL : 18000 $

RAISED : 3255 $

698,398 applications from Ukrainian nationals for CUAET Visas have been approved & over 151,800 people arrived in Canada already.

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