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“POSIDEN’KI” Social Club For Ukrainian Ladies 60+


Three generations of women flee war in Ukraine. It's particularly daunting for the older generations to face the prospect of starting anew in a foreign land. Let's ensure that they find joy and a sense of home in Canada.

~ Marina Korneeva, Co-founder of A Better Future For All

⚠️ Join Our Fundraiser for Posiden'ki on June 29, 2024!

Support the Posiden'ki Social Club for Ukrainian newcomers aged 60 and above! Your participation in our fundraiser will help us continue providing a warm, welcoming community where members can connect and thrive. Together, we can make a meaningful impact. Learn more about our fundraiser.

 The challenges of loneliness and social isolation are profound for Ukrainian newcomers, ladies 60+ who arrived in Canada due to the war in Ukraine. The difficulties are magnified as they navigate a new country where they may not know many people, face language barriers, and find themselves alone when younger family members are at school or at work. This isolation can intensify, leaving elderly relatives predominantly at home and further disconnected. We recognize the unique struggles faced by these individuals and aim to provide meaningful solutions that foster connection, community, and a sense of belonging.

Our program is designed with a purpose — to enhance the lives of Ukrainian ladies aged 60 and above, whether newcomers or those that have been part of the Canadian community for some time.

Our mission is to combat loneliness and social isolation, reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance the memory and cognitive abilities of our participants. This not only promotes a healthier mental state, but also serves as a preventive measure against early cognitive decline and conditions such as Dementia and Alzheimer's.

We'll do it with carefully crafted, fun and scientifically-backed activities delivered Ukrainian and Russian, the group's native languages. Join us on this journey towards well-being, connection, and the empowerment that comes with a sharper mind and improved memory.


Who is This For?

This program is designed for Ukrainian or Russian-speaking women aged 60 and above, whether you're new to Canada or have been part of the community for years. In our current group, approximately two-thirds are Ukrainian newcomers, while the remaining third are locals who have lived in Canada for 20 years or more. Additionally, our participants often bring their family members, including kids and grandkids, making our gatherings inclusive family events.


Key Principles


Program Details

  • 📆 Started on Tuesday, February 27, 2024
  • ⏰ 1 session once a week on Friday, lasting 3 hours (5 to 8 pm EST) to allow people not only to learn things, but also to socialize and relax. All updates will be provided in our Telegram group
  • ⏳ Program duration: 3 months pilot project. To gauge the program's impact comprehensively, we will record metrics three times – at the program's outset, midway through, and upon its conclusion. If project is successful, we'll try to secure funding to continue our program with the same group and to expand it
  • 📍 Locations: Party room at 55 Harrison Garden Blvd, near Yonge & Sheppard subway
  • 🎓 Free program led by mostly Ukrainian teachers, newcomers themselves
  • 🌐 Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English


What We Offer

  • 🎉 Carefully crafted, fun activities that are scientifically backed
  • 🗣️ Activities mostly delivered in Ukrainian and Russian – your native languages
  • 🤝 Connection and community engagement with food and music
  • 🧠 Activities to improve your memory and cognitive abilities
  • 🚗 Assistance with transportation


Our Teachers

Meet some of our dedicated volunteer teachers who have generously committed their time to bring this program to life. We're actively seeking additional volunteer teachers fluent in Ukrainian and Russian to contribute their expertise in yoga and fitness, dance, arts and crafts, and other classes tailored specifically for Ukrainian ladies aged 60 and beyond.



Mariia Taranko, Music Therapy

Mariia is a professional singer and a vocal coach from Lutsk, Ukraine, now residing in Toronto. With expertise in voice therapy, Mariia will craft a program for our participants, blending individual and group singing. Drawing from the nostalgia of songs from your youth, she encourages sharing personal favorites, fostering a unique musical journey. Music therapy, a powerful medium, creates connections and allows participants to share emotional experiences.



Evgenia Alekseeva, Brain Fitness

Evgenia (aka Zhenya) is an intelligence coach in Mental Arithmetics (oral speed calculation), Mnemonics (technique for memorizing different amounts of information), Speedcubing (speed puzzles, including Rubik's cube).
She has extensive experience working with children and has invaluable knowledge on how to make learning really fun and interesting. Also, Zhenya has an endless supply of games, techniques and materials for different levels and learning styles.







Jacki Bocangel, Zumba Dance & Fitness Teacher

Jacki has been teaching Zumba for seniors at various community centers for some time now. She adapts movements for seniors, but still uses great latin music, so her sessions feel more like you are attending a party.

Jackie agreed to teach our group too. She doesn't speak Russian or Ukrainian, but with dance moves you don't need to talk much, just watch Jackie and repeat those moves.








Vera Legeza, English Teacher

Vera is an English teacher and tutor from Ukraine with more than 5 years of experience. Having taught English to diverse groups, including both children and adults, she has successfully conducted sessions both online and offline, catering to individuals as well as groups.

“In my work I use different methods, approaches and strategies. My classes are always fun, positive and productive. I love what I do" - says Vera.









Nadezhda Kishchuk, Crafter & Makeup Artist

Nadezhda is a skilled crafter from Ukraine, is not only a master of handmade crafts but also a proficient makeup artist. With a rich background, she has conducted creative master classes both in her native Ukraine and in Canada.

“I like to do everything with my own hands and I will help you with this too. We can do it together from simple things to more complex."






Frederique Afandiyev, Art & Photography

Frederique has experience teaching painting, fine arts, photography and social skills at the Neighborhood Link Center.
Has has Bachelor's Degree in Photography & Fine Art from OCAD University in Toronto.







For Ukrainian Newcomers

Don't let loneliness and isolation overshadow the beauty of your new life in Canada.
Join us on this journey towards well-being, connection, and the empowerment that comes with a sharper mind and improved memory.

Ready to make a positive change in your life?
Register now at and let the transformation begin!✨


Contact us at or in our telegram group

Donations Needed

Support our cause by helping us acquire art and craft supplies, yoga mats, food, and other essentials to make this program a source of joy for all participants.

Additionally, we are actively seeking funding and corporate partnerships to ensure the sustainability of this program beyond the initial two months. Donate today and be a part of building a brighter future for our community!



This program is made possible through a partnership between the non-profit organization "A Better Future For All" and the Platonika Creative Learning Centre.


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