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The Institute
Founded in 1999 in the spirit of America's Thomas Jefferson, the mission of the Institute is to promote a better future for all humankind - one characterized by a universal expansion of respect for individual liberty, by the achievement of a better quality of life through technological progress and human evolution, and by the expansion of the human species throughout the universe. We hope that you find our site helpful; we welcome your questions and comments

Our Centres

The Centre for Personal Sovereignty CPS 

The Centre for Personal Sovereignty (CPS) is our effort to promote a universal expansion of individual liberty through the Personal Sovereignty movement. This movement is the political manifestation of the growing, universal demand for a new, socially accepted morality of respect for the individual human being.  The Centre's mission is to educate the public about the nature and importance of this movement, and to encourage its growth and development worldwide.

The Centre for the Pursuit of Happiness (CPH) focuses on why so many people in today's world are basically unhappy, and offers possible answers and pathways to happiness for the lost and confused. We hold the view that knowing thyself and being thyself are key, and we uncover possible reasons why so many of us have difficulty with these simple concepts.

The Centre for Human Evolution and Peace (CHEP) focuses on the fundamental and momentous change that is imminent in human society, as one model for human organization writhes in its final death throes while a new, more peaceful and sustainable one, is born and grows.  The Mission of the CHEP is to help to clarify the nature of the human evolutionary change that is underway, and to assist those who wish to encourage and participate in such evolution in peaceful and positive ways.

The Centre for Space Colonization (CSC) is dedicated to exploring the best ways that humanity can spread itself throughout the physical universe. From the highlighting of new technologies to the transition from government-driven space programs to private ventures, the CSC works towards the colonization of outer space.

A Firm Foundation for Freedom
Throughout the course of the past seven years the Institute has grown in many ways. Our future, through your support, will be one of further growth and development, equipping business people, individuals, scholars, policy makers, and others with the necessary intellectual capital to explore the future of human society.



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New White Paper on Dollar Devaluation Released
What is the US Dollar really worth?  It's a question that a lot of people would like an answer to.  The Centre for Personal Sovereignty has issued a short White Paper on the subject with some interesting insights.  You can check it out here.

The Institute Book Store
The online Book Store offers a convenient, secure, and user-friendly way for you to purchase books, videos, and cassettes/CDs/DVDs, in the areas of economics, political science, personal sovereignty, space exploration and development, and liberty.

New Edition of our Book on Personal Sovereignty
The Better Future Institute Press is pleased to announce the release of the second edition of our popular e-book examination of the personal sovereignty paradigm.
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